Women’s Cut                                                                 Starting at $33.00

Men’s Cut                                                                       Starting at $22.00

Kid’s Cut                                                                        Starting at $20.00

Bang Trim                                                                      Starting at $10.00

Style                                                                               Starting at $45.00

Smoothing Treatment                                                   Starting at $150.00

Single Process Color                                                     Starting at $55.00

All Over Color and Cut                                                  Starting at $85.00

Men’s Color                                                                    Starting at $50.00

Men’s Color and Cut                                                      Starting at $72.00

Full Highlight or Lowlight                                             Starting at $85.00

Full Highlight or Lowlight and Cut                             Starting at $115.00

Partial Highlight or Lowlight                                       Starting at $70.00

Partial Highlight or Lowlight and Cut                        Starting at $100.00

Color, Highlight/Lowlight and Cut                              Starting at $120.00

Eye Lash Tinting                                                           Starting at $30.00

Balayage                                                                       Starting at $125.00

Perm and Cut                                                               Starting at $65.00

Extensions                                                                   Starting at $150.00

Extensions Mini Tightening                                          Starting at $25.00