Services By Beth Thurston

Located at the Holmen Salon

Relaxation MASSAGE

Drift off into relaxation with a gentle flowing touch.  Light to medium pressure in combination with organic lotions and oils allows for a soothing experience.  Long fluid strokes and gentle kneading along with rolling of skin and muscles.  Stimulates circulation and eases muscle tension.  This treatment is a perfect way to unwind.

Relaxation 30 Min $50

Relaxation 60 Min $100

Relaxation 90 Min $125


Massage aimed at deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia / connective tissue to stimulate blood flow to areas of tight fibrous tissue, known at knots.  This massage targets more chronic patterns of tension. Soreness and tenderness can be expected after treatment, as pressure is generally more intense than Swedish massage.

Therapeutic 30 Min $50

Therapeutic 60 Min $100

Therapeutic 90 Min $125


A nurturing full body massage designed for the expectant mother in mind.  This soothing massage aids with relaxation promoting circulation, reducing swelling and muscle tension associated with pregnancy.  Our therapists can provide focused attention on areas of concern.  Special bolsters, pillows and towels are provided to ensure the comfort and safety of the client during this incredible time. This treatment is only available in the second and third trimester.  Physicians consent may be requested.

Prenatal 30 Min $50

Prenatal 60 Min $100


Melt away muscle tension with a relaxing full body massage utilizing smooth heated Basalt Stones.  The heat of the Basalt Stones is deeply relaxing and increases blood flow, loosening your muscles to allow for the release of tension and stress.

Hot Stone 60 Min $100

Hot Stone 90 Min $125


A natural, safe, holistic treatment for relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches.  This treatment utilizes cold stone therapy, essential oil blends and pressure point massage.  This method provides dramatic relief from migraine headaches without the use of prescription drugs.

Migraine Miracle 60 Min $60

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